Wild Boar for Dogs

The appeal of our food lies in high-quality ingredients from local organic and free-range farms and wild animals which makes for an irresistible and healthy meal, even if your dog is a fussy eater.

The Wild Boar is made of fresh wild boar meat (66%), accompanied by beetroot and carrot from organic farmers.

Other ingredients include the super-healthy chia seeds, Tuscan olive oil and a selection of 5 herbs for better digestion and health (dandelion leaves, stinging nettle leaves, mint leaves, parsley, milk thistle), together with curcuma and spirulina to supplement any vitamins and minerals that might be missing.

Our Wild Boar is a wholesome food, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which positively influence the well-being, vitality and health of any dog.

* 100% food grade ingredients. Choice fresh meat, veggies and herbs for pleasure and good digestion.

Thank you for supporting our effort of making this world a healthier place. In addition to healthy ingredients, all of our food is packed in an eco-friendly packaging. Metal cans are completely recyclable, so please, do so and try and save the planet with us. #saynotoplastic

Analytical constituents:

12.5% protein, 11% fat, 71% moisture, 1% crude ash, 1% dietary fibre.


Suitable for all breeds of dogs older than 3 months. The recommended daily dose is 270 g of canned food per day per 10 kg of dog weight. For babies and pregnant or lactating females, we recommend double the dose. Store in a dry place at a temperature up to 25 ° C, after opening, use within 24 hours.

Without artificial additives, preservatives or low quality ingredients!