Product description

The vast Czech and Slovak wilderness is home to a large population of game. Whether it is deer, mouflon, or wild boar, all animals are able to live a happy and fulfilling life with their families and packs. They eat only natural food and have a lot of exercise, which makes their meat lean and easy to digest, when prepared as food for dogs and cats.

Our wild deer kibbles (pellets) are suitable for most dogs, who will love the taste of game meat and quality amino acids with reduced fat content. Apart from meat, our kibbles contain organic vegetables and a special herbal blend for better digestion.

Owing to a special low-temp manufacturing process, our kibbles are nutritious, tasty and healthy.

All of the products are made in our Pet Farm Family kitchen, where everything, from picking the right source, through manufacture to packaging, is taken care of.

• Freshly prepared venison
• We do not use meat meal
• Gently dried at 72 °C.
• No additives
• No preservatives
• No artificial bullshit

#BULLSHITFREE food for dogs & cats. No preservatives, soy, fillers or useless ingredients. Only local meat & veggies in a recyclable packaging, made using green energy.

Taking care of you, while taking care of our planet!

  • Ingredients

    Wild deer 53 %, rice flour, hemp seed cake, potato starch, carrot*, beetroot*, flaxseed*, olive oil*, milk thistle*, spirulina*, curcuma*, mint, lavender*, parsley, dandelion, stinging nettle, rosemary extract.

    *Organic product.

  • Analytical constituents

    23 % protein, 11 % fat, 5 % moisture, 4% fiber, 2 % crude ash
  • Dosage

    Adult dog weight - daily dose:

    5 kg - 80 g / 10 kg - 150 g / 20 kg - 230 g / 30 kg - 280 g / 31+ kg - 281+ g.

  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES
  • Venison - KIBBLES