Product description

You will love our BARF to GO whether you happen to be in the wilderness or at home. No more freezers & strict storage and thawing conditions. We freeze-dried all the meat for you. Just add water and enjoy fresh meat anywhere.

Why is our BARF to GO so good?
• fresh meat at your disposal, anytime
• made from free range turkey
• no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors
• locally sourced
• ethically raised and sustainably processed 


Don’t forget to add fresh or dried veggies and fruit for extra minerals, vitamins and fiber. Spice the bowl up with herbs for good digestion, just like we do it with mint, dandelion and parsley. Dietary supplements are also welcome.

#BULLSHITFREE food for dogs & cats. No preservatives, soy, fillers or useless ingredients. Only local meat & veggies in a recyclable packaging, made using green energy.

Taking care of you, while taking care of our planet!

  • Ingredients

    Turkey meat and skin.
  • Analytical constituents

    69,5% protein, 23% fat, 4% crude ash, 3% moisture, 0% fibre. 2039 kJ/100g
  • Dosage

    Divide your regular meat portion by 4 and the result will tell you, how much BARF TO GO you should use to prepare your dog's meal. The difference between the weight of the regular meat portion and the weight of dried BARF TO GO is the weight of lukewarm water or stock to be added to the dry meat for its reconstitution (takes around 10 minutes).

    Example: If you feed your dog 400g of raw meat, you should use 100g of BARF TO GO. The difference in these weights is 300g, which is the weight of the liquid to be added to the dry meat.

Free-range meat is always better

We believe that quality is more important quantity when it comes to ingredients. It has been proven animals with sufficient activity and a place to roam freely under the sun have healthier and tastier meat. The animals also live happier and fuller lives. We are happy that you support ethical meat sources and local farmers.

Freeze drying

Freeze drying is the gentlest way to process meat that preserves most nutrients and flavors. The process involves deep freezing the ingredients and removing the water in vacuum without damaging the meat tissue. All meat processed this way is 100% RAW and thus suitable for BARF.

  • Turkey - BARF to GO
  • Turkey - BARF to GO
  • Turkey - BARF to GO
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