Product description

Smartick is the tick hook that provides simple removal of small and large ticks without leaving behind parts of the tick in the skin of the human or animal. The simple turning motions allow the tick to be painlessly removed.

Because of the gentle removal provided by the tick hook, the tick is not squeezed, which reduces the risk of the tick bursting and leaving pathogens in the puncture point.

• Fast, safe and painless removal of ticks with a rotating movement
• Shape designed specifically to prevent squashing of the tick's belly
(reducing the risk of contamination on removal)
• Features handy keyring hole

  • Usage

    1. Slide the tick hook around the tick from the side until the end of the opening.
    2. Lift the tick hook slightly and TURN it until the tick is removed.

  • Smartick
  • Smartick
  • Smartick
  • Smartick