Product description

The NEST dog sleeping bag is perfect for all those breeds that love to cuddle up and feel extra warm, like Dachshunds, Greyhounds, or dogs without much of an undercoat. With its two-sided straps, the dog sleeping bag is conveniently mobile and can be easily placed wherever the dog might want to lie down. NEST is also a great place to sleep on the go.
  • Materials

    Cover: Organic hemp, cotton blend. Couch surface: Untreated new wool and polyester mix.
  • Product size

    Size: 60 x 65 cm.
  • Care

    30 degrees delicate wash.
  • Sleeping Bag Nest
  • Sleeping Bag Nest
  • Sleeping Bag Nest

About Cloud7

Cloud7 is a new Berlin-based label offering stylish, contemporary products and accessories for dogs and dog lovers. The lovingly designed range of high quality dog beds, dog bags, dog collars and leashes, dog bowls and dog accessoiries have been created to enhance and strengthen the relationship between people and their beloved pets. The brands foundation and philosophy is based on the core principles of eco-friendliness and fair trade.