Product description

Analytical constituents:

9 % protein, 7.7% fat, 7% moisture, 3% crude ash, 5% dietary fiber.


Complementary dog food. Suitable for all dogs older than 2 months. Recommended daily intake is approximately 3 pieces for every 10 kg of dog weight. Store in a coold dry place, with temperatures up to 25°C. Once opened, use in 30 days.

Without artificial additives, preservatives or low quality ingredients!

Organic products help save the planet

We believe that unnecessary chemicals should not be a part of the nature and your food. That’s why we have decided to use organic ingredients wherever possible. We are very happy that you help us support traditional means of production and protect our planet.

  • Organic Veggie Biscuits
  • Organic Veggie Biscuits
  • Organic Veggie Biscuits