Organic Mutton - RAW

Discover our 100% BARF treat from organic MUTTON. Fresh meat at your disposal anytime you feel hungry. High protein and fat content delivers a tasty experience that will seduce even the most picky dogs.

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Product description

Our mutton comes from a small-scale sheep farm in the Easternmost part of Czech Republic, where nature is pristine and sheep roam happily along countless fresh pastures. Grazing is the most natural way of feeding sheep, which makes their meat nutritious and easy to digest for dogs and cats.

Freeze-drying then offers the gentlest way of meat processing. Removing the moisture at -20 °C in a vacuum leaves the majority of nutrients and flavor locked inside. Prepared to be blown away by the tastiest piece of meat around, WOOF!


Fun fact: this special technology is used by NASA and the army for storing supplies, which, when dried properly, can last forever and are again ready to use when rehydrated.

*NONE OF OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN ANY ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, PRESERVATIVES OR OTHER UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS. Our products are gluten, grain, soy, lactose and #BULLSHITFREE. Our factory runs on 100% green energy, we use local ingredients, all of which are of granted origin, we don't use plastic packagings.


We believe that unnecessary chemicals should not be a part of the nature and your food. That’s why we have decided to use organic ingredients wherever possible. We are very happy that you help us support traditional means of production and protect our planet.


Freeze drying is the gentlest way to process meat that preserves most nutrients and flavors. The process involves deep freezing the ingredients and removing the water in vacuum without damaging the meat tissue. All meat processed this way is 100% RAW and thus suitable for BARF.


100% organic mutton

Analytical constituents

39 % protein, 57 % fat, 1,9 % crude ash, 1 % moisture.


Recommended daily allowance is 3 pcs for an adult, 10 kg dog.

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