Organic Mutton for Cats

The appeal of our food lies in high-quality ingredients from local organic and free-range farms and wild animals which makes for an irresistible and healthy meal, even if your cat is a fussy eater. Mutton for Cats is made of free-range mutton (24%), organic free-range beef (56%) and organic beef stock (20%).

High protein and fat content will provide enough energy for a whole day of play. Added beef stock with high amount of collagen will be helpful in all those cases when your cat needs strong joints for long jumps.

Analytical constituents:

13.2% protein, 13.2% fat, 70.6% moisture, 1% crude ash, 1% dietary fiber. Energy value 112 kcal.


Recommended daily intake is approximately 1 can daily, for an adult, 10 pound cat. We recommend doubling this figure for kittens and pregnant cats. Store in a coold dry place, with temperatures up to 25°C. Once opened, use in 24 hours. Batch number and expiry date on the bottom.

Without artificial additives, preservatives or low quality ingredients!

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