Organic Mutton for Cats

The appeal of our food lies in high-quality ingredients from local organic and free-range farms and wild animals which makes them an irresistible and healthy meal, even if your cat is a fussy eater. Mutton for Cats is made of organic free-range mutton (24%), organic free-range beef (56%) and organic beef stock (20%).

High protein and fat content will provide enough energy for a whole day of play. Added beef stock with high collagen content will be helpful for all cats, as they need strong joints for long and daring jumps.

Our delicious wet food for cats is a perfect main course, as well as an occasional supplement. It doesn't spoil even under harsh conditions, so it is an ideal road trip meal. None of our products contain any additives, artificial flavors or preservatives. They are also suitable for gluten or lactose intolerant cats and they don't contain any cheap fillers.

Analytical constituents:

15,5 % protein, 6,9 % fat, 78% moisture, 1% crude ash, energy density 469 kJ / 100 g.


Recommended daily intake is approximately 1 can for an adult, 10 pound cat. We recommend doubling this figure for kittens and pregnant cats. Store in a cool dry place, with temperatures up to 25°C. Once opened, use in 24 hours. Batch number and expiry date on the bottom.

100% food grade ingredients. Choice fresh meat for high-quality digestion.