Organic Beef Biscuits

Complementary dog food

Organic Beef Biscuits are an irresistible treat made from dry-aged beef (68%). The cows lived a happy free-range life and were fed on pastures with the most natural food for them – grass. High meat content ensures that the biscuit is not only super tasty, but nutritious and healthy as well. No more empty treats that are full of sugar and aromas – this is the real deal! An ultimate pleasure for the dog. Beside fresh beef, you can sniff out beetroot (a potent antioxidant, good for liver and kidneys) and carrot (strong eyes are a must for any dog) that supply additional vitamins and minerals. Rice flour and amaranth provide the much needed carbs, which are a good source of energy. Important vitamins and minerals are supplemented by our special blend of 5 herbs and special ingredients, that also enhance the flavor and aid with digestion. These include parsley, mint, dandelion leaves, nettle leaves, milk thistle extract, turmeric, spirulina, vegetable charcoal, linen seeds and extra-virgin olive oil. Sounds good? Succumb to the temptation and enjoy our treats. You are definitely a good boy, or a girl, and you know you deserve it, WOOF!

Thank you for supporting our effort of making this world a healthier place. In addition to healthy ingredients, all of our food is packed in an eco-friendly packaging. Glass is reusable and recyclable, so please, do so and try and save the planet with us. #saynotoplastic

Analytical constituents:

30% protein, 49% fat, 1.5% moisture, 1.2% crude ash, 2% dietary fiber.


Complementary dog food. Suitable for all dogs older than 2 months. Recommended daily intake is approximately 3 pieces for every 10 kg of dog weight. Store in a coold dry place, with temperatures up to 25°C. Once opened, use in 30 days.

Without artificial additives, preservatives or low quality ingredients!

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