Beco Rope - Jungle Triple Knot

"Strong and durable natural hemp toy. Great for strengthening dogs teeth and for long distance fetch.

Made from natural hemp, the Beco Rope toys tough and durable to withstand hours of play. Hemp is a very eco material as no pesticides are used in the growing process. Great for cleaning and strengthening a dog's mouth and teeth

With bright pink, blue and green strands entwined, the Beco Rope range is extremely attractive and will stand out amongst other inferior ropes. Most importantly though it’s better than synthetic ropes as it has very short fibres which are more easily digestible. This means that if a piece of rope is swallowed it is much more likely to pass through the dog’s body without causing problems."


Hemp, cotton. Made from natural material, however, if your pet tries to eat it, do not let it happen.

Made from indigestible, but harmless material. If your pet tries to eat it, do not let it happen.

About Beco Pets

English company Becopets focuses on production of fun and functional products for dogs and cats. They use exclusively recycled and eco-friendly materials, with maximum regard to quality, design and affordability.

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