Beco Hoop

Stretchy, flexible and fun this durable rubber toy is perfect for any dog of different size and age.

The Beco Hoop is designed to be as stretchy and flexible as possible. It’s the perfect toy for older dogs with fragile teeth and the smaller version offers a great teether for any puppy, as it’s soft and lightweight, whilst really durable.

As we became more and more confident with our rubber material we have been able to put it the test on more varied shapes. This does withstand any ammount of chewing and pulling. Dogs love to chase catch and fetch this versatile hoop. Soft but durable this is great for teeth in training or those past their prime in older dogs. Vanilla scented and toxin free unlike many other rubber toys.


Rice husks rubber.

Made from indigestible, but harmless material. If your pet tries to eat it, do not let it happen.

About Beco Pets

English company Becopets focuses on production of fun and functional products for dogs and cats. They use exclusively recycled and eco-friendly materials, with maximum regard to quality, design and affordability.

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