Beco Flyer

Natural rubber and rice husk flyer. Flexible but strong it is ideal for exercising your dog by fetch.

The Beco Flyer is made from natural rubber and rice husk, this makes it durable, non-toxic and exible enough to be carried everywhere. It will keep the most energetic of dogs busy as it soars through the air and you’ll never lose sight of it thanks to our bright colours. The raised profile of the Flyer makes it easier for your dog to get a good grip when retrieving, meaning hours of fun!

This really is the best toy for a dog's agility and fitness. It has the ability to be thrown long distances and will keep your dog amused too as it enjoys the challenge of catching it. The bright colours are really eye catching and will ensure you don't loose the flyer. Made with our all natural eco rubber with rice husks this is a toxin free material that you can trust to be safe for your dog even if it gives it the occasional chew!


Rice husks rubber.

Made from indigestible, but harmless material. If your pet tries to eat it, do not let it happen.

About Beco Pets

English company Becopets focuses on production of fun and functional products for dogs and cats. They use exclusively recycled and eco-friendly materials, with maximum regard to quality, design and affordability.

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