Product description

Keeping your cat alert and amused this is a perfect toy. Four characters to chose in recycled fabrics.

Beco Wand toys are the perfect friend and interactive toy for you and your cat to play with. The elasticated bungee and extra long wand means the toy will be hovering all over the place, encouraging your cats natural hunting instinct, and providing hours of entertainment. Available in four characters.

Like our other soft Beco Family toys our wand toys are named after memebers of the team! What an honour it is to have your character batted about by cats paws as they stay alert, amused and exercised. The fabric has been perfected as a durable material made from recycled bottles to withsatnd the keenest cats and is still soft enough to be fun to play with. The catnip is a nature plant herm should make sure the toy is extra amusing and irresistable.
  • Materials

    Recycled Plastic Bottles and Catnip.
  • Product size

    7 cm.
  • Beco Cat Catnip Wand Toys
  • Beco Cat Catnip Wand Toys
  • Beco Cat Catnip Wand Toys
  • Beco Cat Catnip Wand Toys

About Becopets

English company Becopets focuses on production of fun and functional products for dogs and cats. They use exclusively recycled and eco-friendly materials, with maximum regard to quality, design and affordability.