Pet Farm Box Subscription

Are you one of our returning customers? Well then the our PET FARM BOX subscription is just the thing for you! The value of every Box is 95,00 €, but depending on the length of your subscription, you can get it for sensational 65,00 € and you will get cheaper shipping as a bonus.

In current Pet Farm Box you will find:

Crispy Veggie treats, small Venison and Fishes wet food, small Beco Rope Ball with Beco pocket for your poop bags!

3 Months Subscription

This plan is ideal for BEGINNERS and dogs, who want to try something new and exciting!

Box value: 95,00 € 
Box price: 85,00 € 
Shipping: 5,00 €
You save: 30,00 €

No. of Boxes: 3 pc. 

6 Months Subscription
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6 months plan is ideal for EXPERIENCED dogs who know what they want!

Box value: 95,00 € 
Box price: 75,00 € 
Shipping: 4,90 €
You save: 121,00 €

No. of Boxes: 6 pc. 

12 Months Subscription

The plan for EXPERTS will fullfill any dog's needs for a whole year. Tail Wagger will be your new name!

Box value: 95,00 € 
Box price: 65,00 € 
Shipping: 4,80 €
You save: 363,00 €

No. of Boxes: 12 pc. 

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Farm Box is ideal for all the goodie lovers who do not want to depend on the strength of their owner’s memory to order our cookies every month. From now on, Susi & Spaget will take care of it, WOOF!

If you order from us regularly, this is a great way to save up to 363 €!
The Box is dispatched in the first half of each month and if you order before the 14th, you will get it that month. Pet Farm Box consists mostly of food, but sometimes we add our cosmetics or toys to give you something new to try.

Your Farm Box has to be paid for in advance and the subscription can be terminated upon request.

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