Organic & eco promise

Our Organic and eco promise to the dogs

To all the dogs and humans, we hereby promise to always honor our principles and philosophy. We will never succumb to that state of things, where profit is more important than the quality of the product itself. Thanks to you all, we found out, over the years, that what we do really makes sense. We found out that dog products can be made from natural, organic and eco-friendly materials, without additives or any other nonsense.

Quality free-range meat

We, the dogs, are carnivores and meat is the basis of our natural diet. At Sušienkovo we respect this and therefore meat is the essential component in all of our goodies. Even more, we care about the meat’s origin.

All the meat you find in our food come from sustainable, free range farms or wilderness. The animals are fed natural diet, without unnecessary antibiotics or other nonsense. They lived a happy life with their families, grazing and running around all days long. We support Czech farmers and associations, which still haven’t forgotten how to treat animals and nature.

Vegetables, fruit and herbs, like in the old days

Meat in our goodies, accompanied by fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs are all from local Czech and Slovak farmers. The only ingredients that travel to us from afar are chia seeds and Tuscan olive oil.

Our veggies are a testament to the fact that if one wants to, they can grow anything naturally – no artificial fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides that are absorbed and stored in soil or the plant.

Health and standards are imporant

To ensure maximum quality, we only use eco-friendly human-grade ingredients, and no additives. As a registered manufacturer of compound foods, under the number CZ801426-01, we make sure all the necessary standards and EU directives are met.

All of the recipes were prepared in collaboration with experienced veterinarians and animal diet experts, taking into account all the needs of our four-legged friends. That is why our products contain a balanced ratio of all the essential nutrients.


All pets have the right to live their lives to the fullest. Oftentimes, however, people forget about this and do not care about us. They feed us poor quality food, give us unhealthy toys, or other stuff that we chew on daily. The economic situation and the vision of savings drives them, but that might not be the best thing for our comfort or our health.

That is why we have always been fair and honest to our companions the same way their love is honest to us, people.

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The nature

Humans also tend to forget about nature. That “marginal” part of our lives to which we owe for everything, thanks to which we are all alive and breathing. Why not support ECO-friendly efforts by joining the movement, when the things around us can be manufactured in an ecological way, while also minimizing the carbon footprint by sourcing locally?

Who would voluntarily want to lose all those great paddocks, meadows or parks we are so fond of?!