About us [old]


Pet Farm Family was established few weeks after my adoption. My name is Sushi (short for Sušienka [suʃienka], aka Biscuit) and everything happened because of me and my dislike for plain grain biscuits. I approached my owners one day and said: "WOOF," meaning: “can you make something better for me?” And they did. The first Pet Farm Family biscuits were born out of love for high-quality ingredients, responsible sourcing and of course, me.

Since then, we have grown into a serious company and it is only natural that we continue to bring new products (and dogs as well – my sisters Spaget and Cinnamon). It seems like only yesterday when jerky, wet food or natural cosmetics were born on our premises. Currently we offer a whole range of food and accessories that are not only tasty and healthy, but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Ecology plays a big role in our lives, so we naturally had to apply our everyday philosophy into our production. And our Crunchy Place is where all the magic happens! Located in Prague, our factory is our very own ECO experiment. The building runs on green energy, we recycle like crazy, use recyclable or degradable packaging material, support organic farming and much more.

We are also concerned with animal welfare. The animals we use for meat deserve good and happy life, at the very least. Free-range and wild sources of meat are therefore mandatory ethical standards that we require from our suppliers.

In addition to our own range we also offer eco-friendly toys made by our friends at Beco Pets and handmade beds and accessories from wonderful Cloud 7. These brands share our view of the world and stick to the same values as we do, so we support them and spread their love.

As mentioned before, all of our food is currently manufactured in Prague, Czech Republic. Drop by to say hi to our crew at the Crunchy Place at 24 Drahobejlova street, near the O2 Arena, and see for yourself that everything you can imagine can really be done.

Are you ready for some meat?


Each day, these dedicated and great humans help us make Pet Farm Family the company it is. They are willing to do anything for us and so we take them for full-fledged family members.

Matej Toman Co-founder, CEO & marketing
Alie Lengyelová Co-founder, social media & marketing
Saška Kobellová Warehouse, export, wholesale
Lukáš Lengyel Chef Product Development
Teodora Nagy CEO & Co-owner / branch HU
Fanni Zaja CEO & Co-owner / branch DK
Ondřej Havlík Sales & Finance
Michal Poluch Business Development in SK
Kristína Majerová Business Development in CZ
Kitty Zaja EU Sales Manager
Monika Zimčíková Customer Support
Marek Okoš Supply Manager
Lukáš Hakl Head chef & packaging
Šárka Haklová Export, packaging
Nikolas Turaj Production
Lucia Blažencová Packaging
Sušienka Co-founder, Boss
Špagetka Boss
Škorica Boss

We're always looking for new and smart reinforcements in our team! If you love animals and have just the right amount of crazy in you, get in touch with us at hello@petfarmfamily.com